Sunday, December 15, 2013

I can't believe 2013 will be closing curtains and taking a bow in less than a month! Did 2013 really happen? I feel like it came too quickly! There are things to be thankful for, sure. But looking back at it, what I really am thankful for remains to be the ties with people that truly matter! A lot of things come and go. Material possessions lose its value. Some things are temporary. But what remains when stripped off of all these things are the people! Yes, that remains to be what I am thankful for- people... my people. I'm thankful for my crazy beautiful family- who, despite the craziness, remains to be the mot beautiful part of my life. We've lost dad a year ago but despite how hard it had been, I still see the strength that emanates from within them. And I don't mean simply having strong personalities but the silent bravery from inside.  I'm thankful for friends who remained and continue to understand despite my absences and excuses because of the aftermath. I know it's not easy and sometimes I ask too much of understanding but that very few friends continue to get past their annoyance of me just because (LOL). I'm thankful for the new people I encountered and will encounter as they slowly break walls and allow for fresh air to enter the old world, my old world. I'm most thankful for strangers who I see and pass by everyday because they continue to show me that life has many facets but it continues to go. :)

I look forward to 2014 and unlike the past year, I expect this coming year to give me more... things and people I shall include in the thank you list as it closes. As in my favorite movie Happy Thank You More Please, it says acknowledge what you had, be thankful for it and go ask for MORE things, moments and people to be thankful for because the universe is an abundant source. #HappyThankYouMorePlease! 

On that note, here is one thing to be thankful for! A Grand Kick Off Giveaway from The Giveway Team!

 photo TGT-13_zpsb752222b.png

The Giveaway Team is composed of 20 bloggers (permission to introduce the 19 fabulous bloggers on another post?) from different niches hoping to give you the grandest giveaways monthly... because there is so much we are thankful for! As for the prizes and winning?

There would be 4 winner. 2 winners will take home a set of goodies, 1 will win $80 Paypal cash and lastly, the 1 with most referred people will win $50 ROMWE Gift Cert. Should there be no one who referred anybody, $50 ROMWE Gift Cert will be rewarded to one who completed ALL tasks.

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TGT Grand Kick Off will run from December 15 - Jan 15, 2014
This is an international giveaway

Like I said, ask the universe for more reasons to be thankful for. Recite  #HappyThankYouMorePlease #TheGrandKickOffGiveaway from #TheGivewayTeam and you might add the prizes above in your thank you list this year! 

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