Thursday, December 19, 2013

One of the great things about this season is that we get to play host to numerous celebrations. Yes, party throwing season is upon us! Here I picked some personal favorite from their Jonathan Adler line, which for the spirit of giving, offers free shipping! 

Guide to Entertaining 101
Stay classy and elegant with your glasses. Instead, add details on the coasters or wall decals above the buffet table. Grill some vegetables and whipped a good Mediterranean meal to go with the theme.

Jonathan Adler Santorini Coaster Set of 4

Jonathan Adler Tangiers Coaster Set of 4

Jonathan Adler Wall Pops Santorini Wall Decals

It is better too to have plain and timeless set of dinnerware which generations can use. Use the small but necessary pieces to decorate your table setting instead ie. your salt and pepper shaker, coasters, center piece, or a tongue-in-cheek charging station placed by the buffet table for your guests to use, and so on. If you are up for some mod design, whip up some gourmet burgers to go with it. 

Jonathan Adler Nixon Salt & Pepper Shakers Grey

Jonathan Adler OP Art Coaster Set of 4

Jonathan Adler Universal Phone Dock Black

Decors, setting and theme aside, what makes for a successful hosting/entertaining is making guests feel at home in your own home- comfortable and attended to. Don't be too regulating and by that I mean, don't expect the whole set-up to stay the way it was when you designed it; don't cringe or eye your guests when they accidentally move some things around. Don't make the guests feel as if they are making a mess. Also, don't be stiff. If you really need to have a time frame for your prepared activities, be sure to schedule breathing/talking intervals in between. Don't be a Monica Geller (remember Friends?). Otherwise, good luck having attendees on your next party! It's the holidays! Loosen up and have fun! :)

Visit Zinc Door and Jonathan Adler for the pieces featured above!

Beautiful serving sets, sparkling glassware, elegant table linens, everything you need to entertain with style. 

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