Thursday, December 5, 2013

Few week ago, I decided to have my first Enjoy experience. It was a long list to choose from but decided to first try out the Buy one Take one Free XL Milk Tea voucher from Cha Dao Milk Tea in Katipunan.

My sisters and I were off to a movie date so we had it to go. Since I was using the voucher and not the card, the lady behind the counter had me fill up a paper with my name and the deal I used (card or voucher). Although (and I do not put blame) it got confusing along the way because the lady attending to me was new to the concept and maybe wasn't fully briefed yet, it was till relatively easy. 

I had my younger sister decide what flavor the free milk tea would be, which one can choose from the fruit or regular milk tea selection. My dear health buff of a sister chose Green Mango Milk Tea. The other one we chose was of course, the ever so famous Wintermelon Milk Tea. I bought an extra caramel milk tea- still a classic!

How it works? Basically, there are two deal per member establishment, a perk (usually a discount and written above the page) when using the card which you must show -others require swiping- and the perk from the voucher (usually a freebie and written on the side of the page) which you must surrender to the establishment. 

Cha Dao is a small tea place, with only 2 tables inside. Tea selection don't have free sinkers but for 10 pesos you can add one. As I mentioned, their XL is really big. Price range is from 65php to 100php.

Cha Dao is located at Katipunan Avenue
MQI Bldg., 42 Esteban Abada St cor Rosa Alvero St Loyola Heights, QC
Beside Fruit Magic and across Drews

Top: POP culture, The Ramp Crossing. 
Bottom: Kamiseta. 
Flats: Jannilyn. 
Bag: Liz Clairborne

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