Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Philippines just woke up from another wonderful Noche Buena (Christmas eve)!
Happy Christmas morning from our family to yours! 

I've always loved Christmas but as I grew up, the love I have for it grew deeper in a sense that, it is now always associated with the bond over the preparations, the feasting and the silent togetherness of the people closest to my heart- the family. Last night's Noche Buena was no exception! 

Sharing with you a simple feast from our home.

Photo (up-down)
The Homemade Antipasto
*Bruschetta by yours truly
Baguette topped with homemade mayo cream cheese spread, smoked bacon, beef salami, buttered tomatoes, oven-ed until cheddar melts
*Ceasar salad (in the bowl) by yours truly
Fresh lettuce, tomatoes, shallots topped with breaded chicken strips over ceasar dressing
*Prosciutto (Parma ham) salad by yours truly
Fresh lettuce, tomatoes, shallots, topped with prosciutto strips over 
asian salad dressing
*Mayo cream-cheese sticks by sister Pia
Lumpia-wrapped cheddar cheese sticks and mayo-garlic cream spread, 
fried until crisp
*Festive cheese potato by mom (coffeewithadropofsunshine)
Sautéed and quick-fried herbed potato marbles topped with melted cheese
*Battered lollies by mom (coffeewithadropofsunshine)
Butter-battered (by sis pia with sis pinky as her helper LOL) Chicken lollipop fried until crisp and golden brown

Photo (up-down)
The Main entrées Take-out
*Roast Beef in Mushroom Gravy sauce by Conti's
1000+php medium-sized pan
Note: Waiting was crazy! Mom had to wait for our PRE-ORDER for two hours as we were told to pick it up at 4 in the afternoon only to give our order at 6 in the evening. Although they had systematized waiting, it was still chaotic because there were two waiting lines- the paying and the the pick up, which is redundant and a sure waste of time I'm sorry to say. Nonetheless, the roast beef was good- tender. And the mushroom gravy sauce succulent. All's well that ends well, I guess.
*Pancit Malabon by Pancit Ng Taga Malabon 
300+php good for 4-6 people
Note: Surely, nothing beats the original! The toppings are aplenty and some I don't see in other Pancit Malabon (i.e squid). They are the tastiest Pancit Malabon on my list.
*Italian Herbed Chicken by Robinsons fresh selection in Eastwood
200+php regular size
Note: From the look and smell of it- aromatic and juicy. We've yet to try this one out (today prolly) since we were too full last night to stuff ourelves with this viand. No point in wasting right? Like what the elders remind us, only get what you can consume.

Dessert Take-out
Donuts by Go-nuts Donuts
200+php for 2 boxes of 6
Note: My sister Pia and I's favorite donut. There are lots of fancier ones or for some, simpler ones and Go-nuts shoots directly in the middle- winning over our taste buds.

Photo (up-down)
Note: I was planning on taking a picture of all my plates that evening but only succeeded with my first and last. Was too famished in between that I easily delved in to eating. Haha!
My 1st appetizer plate: Ceasar salad, festive potato marbles and Mayo cream cheese sticks
My last plate: Go nuts donuts's Pastillas de leche flavor

Julie Andrews accompanied us last night as we watched Mary Poppins and Sound of Music over late night Noche Buena dinner, until we fell asleep. Good music, classic movies, great food and the company of love ones... truly, what can get better than that? Plus, I can feel dad smiling -and my four grandparents- while watching over us! :)

I wish for a great christmas for each and everyone. Whether you are/you had or will be having a grand celebration or a simple intimate dinner, know that what truly matters are the intangible things- being with family (blood or otherwise), solemnity, joy, forgiveness, gratitude and celebrating for and with the one true source. 

P.S. May you be drunk not only with booze 
but also with love and all thing good! 

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