Monday, December 9, 2013

Somehow, as we grow older, birthday parties become less and less exciting and birthdays don't seem to be much of a special date anymore. As kids, we look forward so much so that we count down the months to it. We see significant things that matter then and now but look at it from different eyes and viewpoint.


As kids, parties are often boring but because it is our birthday party, it becomes important because freedom to run around, be crazy and play whatever games we please to play are given to us by dear ol' parents. And because parties are often an excuse for the folks to show off to other parents, it becomes extra spectacular for the kids especially when mascots and big cakes are thrown in the picture!

As we grow older, parties are either of two things: an energy sucking event wherein we only throw one because we feel we owe it to friends and where the company is truly what you only seek for sans the organizing and throwing or a great socializing, excuse-for-overdrinking and YOLO nights with awesome friends kind of event.


Kids LOVE gifts, the bigger the better! For kids, gift is a requirement or a duty especially of adult attendees. The thrill of unwrapping presents cause sleepless nights prior to the big day. And since taste and preference is not quite defined yet, all gifts are precious and not to be wasted!

Grown ups on the other hand have a hard time appreciating all gifts whether admitted or not. Because each has developed specific wants, receiving something apart from that list sometimes make us seem, though unintended, ungrateful. Despite that, appreciation is ever present now and so the "It's the thought that counts" sentiment always applies. Since understanding is now in the vocabulary at this point in life, gifts do not become a silent requirement to guests and are only an added and surprising bonus. 


Kiddie birthday party guests are: teachers, friends, parents of friends, friends of parents, kids of friends of parents, kids from the neighborhood, parents of kids from the neighborhood, parents in the neighborhood, kids of parents in the neighborhood, relatives from dad side, extended relatives from dad side, relatives from mom side, extended relatives from mom side, boss of dad, kid of boss of dad, bestfriend/co-worker of mom, kid of bestfriend/co-worker of mom. And the list goes on and on! Any of these people matter to the kid? Nope not really. 

Grown ups now have the freedom to choose who to have at a birthday party and can be a little picky at that. Guests are often people who really truly matter. Although, a few fake ones might get a slip and receive an invite, nonetheless, it is all just few hand-picked good ol' ones.


Kids love cake as much as they love having everyone encircle them while singing happy birthday and blowing the candles on their cake! It is always a picture worthy moment and as soon as the lights are off, the icing are all over the place and all over people's faces. To kids, blowing the candle means gaining more and more freedom and independence each year. Wishing before blowing the candle is also ceremonial and, in the kid's mind and heart, something they believe would come true.

Grown ups- if despise is too strong a word to describe this- would rather not. But since it is a tradition one can't shake off, it becomes only that, a tradition one can not shake off. It caps the day and marks the end of a young year and a start of another older one, where pressure to gain more wisdom is ever so felt. 

On the common ground, birthdays however will always be a year to be thankful for still being here, alive and kicking.

Anyway, belated, advance and happy birthday to everyone!

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