Monday, December 23, 2013

In 2 days time, it would be Christmas in the Philippines! Yes, Hark the herald angels singing! Which also means that, New year is awaiting and shall make its grand entrance a week after. Time for, therefore, the famous New Year's resolution list.

However, for most of us, making New Year's resolution is becoming more of a disappointment for the rest of the new year than an achievement. It's not because we set too high a standard for ourselves that we couldn't reach it- because I'm pretty sure one could if much heart and soul  determination and willpower is given to it. I think it is because it becomes an obligation rather than an inspiration on how to go about with the new year for our supposed new self. 

The New Year's Resolution
A short story

Character name: We

Chapter 1: 
We started out enthusiastic and positive- excitedly bidding goodbye to the current year and joyfully welcoming the coming year over champagne popping, fireworks, noise barrages, jumps and the countdown! 

Chapter 2:
We, brought out a the pen and paper (translate: laptop/Iphone) and excitedly wrote down (translate: type) the resolutions and goals planned for the new year ahead.

Chapter 3:

As the New Year unfolds, pressure was brought on and other people, specifically aunts and uncles, came in barging with loaded queries and comments. We also brought the pressure within and easily transformed the goals in to obligations.

Chapter 4:

Chapter 5 (The final chapter):
The epic FAIL

We, defeated, sat on a bench and looked back at how the year went. The goals were nowhere to be found. We felt low, hoping to make yet another new year's resolution for yet another incoming year.


Okay, that wasn't meant to have such melodramatic tone to it. Haha! 
New year's resolution is good. It means we dream of change for ourselves. It means we envision a better us for the future. I applaud everyone for that. However, New year's resolution need be something that we really desire and that we know we can put our hundred percent to. A Buddhist once said, "Change should come from within". Therefore, if we list a resolution without having willingness to go about it, it won't work. We'd just beat ourselves up over it and end up exhausted and disappointed. 


For the NYresolution-ers who actually can stick to their resolutions, great for you! For the rest of us, if it hasn't been working for many years back, maybe a change of game should be made. We can start by crumpling and tearing that piece of paper (translate: press delete/backspace) and not start the year with pressures on our back. 

Instead, day before the new year, sit on a comfortable chair and look back at the year that went by. No pressure, no tiny voice screaming, no guilt... just a recap. Now list on the left the things you did that didn't quite feel right and on the right the things that made you proud yourself. Write it all, be it a big thing or a small thing. Look at that list on the right and actually pat yourself on the back. Relish those moments and be proud. After which, look at that list on the left and realize the whys and the how comes. Look at it objectively now and see the "what I should have done" which you basically already know which means you've already had a realization, therefore another pat on the back. Now write underneath more realization; things and/or people you want to let go of, things and/or people you want to continue and carry on with you, feelings you kept hidden, emotions you felt, routines you want to change... write freely. Fold it and store it in a thing that meant something to you that year. Then go out and make wait for that countdown!


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