Monday, December 9, 2013

I've been laughed at a few times whenever I say I will be commuting via a taxi. Apparently, using taxi as means of transport is not commuting. Taxi is one of the main transports in the Philippines unlike in other countries where taxi fare is usually way expensive or in other cases, not feasible. Here, taxi can get you to and fro in main cities and is in a way reasonable enough. It is almost always easy... almost. 

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A lot of news include taxi scams, harassment and such. It does not reflect well for our country and, it becomes a safety hazard. I'm sure it is not a general thing. I, including my close circle, haven't had such experience of any kind thank God. However, precaution is always better. 

Few things to remember for a safe journey:

  • Before getting in, tell the driver your destination. If he seems hesitant or he doesn't know where it is or asks for hundreds worth of additional fare, move on to another. As in any relationship, you deserve better (Yes I heard what I said! LOL)
  • It is better to know all the different ways to your destination and get updated on the traffic in every route. This way, you are aware and have the upper hand.
  • If driver either gets shifty or is a little over too "friendly" i.e. asking where you live, commenting on physique (this btw is a form of sexual harassment), etc. Do not wait until you reach your destination. Have yourself dropped off at the nearest safe place (fast food store, convenience store, mall).
  • In terms of external forces (not within the cab), lock your doors all the time, do not open window to suspicious strangers and have phones ready. 
  • Never attract negative thoughts! What you claim, the universe hears.
Of course, that is stating extremes. Normal days, nothing bad happens and the road is smooth- traffic not included in the statement.

But to be EXTRA safe, download and use GrabTaxi App on your smart phones! It offers convenience and safety! The app is free and you can download it on Apple Store/ Google Play/ Windows Store. Set up a profile and booking is ready! Grab a taxi only partners with reputable taxi companies and screen the drivers who will avail of it. They become a member and they are given cellphones wherein booking comes in. No need to wait in long lines.

Although there is a P70 booking fee, the safety and convenience it provides makes for a money well spent. GrabTaxi traces the route of drivers, time of pickup and drop off, etc.

Holiday promo? Zero booking fee with globe and P40 Off for others!


Download GrabTaxi: 
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