Friday, January 17, 2014

Interior decorating makes a house a home. It can speak of your personality, mood and taste. Interior decorating can also be a great therapy (when you need an alternative for shopping that is). It's been said hundreds of times but this remains to be true- a simple alteration of location, a dash of color pop, or adding an accent piece, can easily change and amp your space. And changing your space allows fresh air to fill the room. If you're not ready to take on such huge task of taking on the whole house, you can always start from one corner to another; the corner table of your living/receiving area should be a nice place to start. Slowly but surely.

Lazy Susan Oval Ring Gray Side Table

This handcrafted side table made of natural wicker and iron gives accent to a rather dull surrounding, transforming it into a contemporary or transitional room with simple and intriguing natural elements. The gray Oval Rings Drum side table borrows a vintage-inspired oval pattern and reinvents it into a modern design. 

Lazy Susan Sahara Marble Bottle Small

Aside from the coffee books placed on top of the beautiful side table, add more design with this small marble bottle's fearlessly curvaceous design which exudes modern glam. Sahara cream colorways blend to give this earthenware vessel striking appeal.

Lazy Susan Capiz Gold Striped Votive

Add some romance to the room with candles. The Lazy Susan Capiz gold votive candle holder delivers a coastal-inspired vibe. This modern candle container's unique materials fuse with natural shell stripes against glass for textural depth.

Lazy Susan Capiz Dusty Blue Striped Votive

This capiz dusty blue votive container delivers not only a coastal-inspired vibe but also the needed odd color splash for modernity. Place and change flowers weekly to inspire fresh and natural vibes to the whole room. 

What do you think of the look? What's on your side table? :) 

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