Wednesday, January 1, 2014

PH. Today is January 1st of 2014. Yes, the first page of your new book! What are you or will you be writing today, I wonder. Highlights of my first page would be cleaning, preparing a simple but special New Year dinner, movie marathon-ing with my beloveds, sleeping, eating, sleeping, eating... Yes, my first page would be about a lazy "me time" and "family time" day. Today is still a time for recharging before going in to the daily grind!

My family don't do fireworks anymore but we love to see the display of fiery colors popping in the sky (let the experts do it!). Our Media Noche day mostly involved prepping the meal- which we LOVE to do. Sharing with you our simple NYE menu. What was yours? :)

MediaNoche celebration-or better known as New Year's Eve- is a grand tradition in the world, especially in the Philippines. Torotots are blown, Kawalis are clunked, and fireworks are displayed in the sky as the countdown begins! So while the world was busy with all that...

The Homemade Appetizer
Poached egg by yours truly
Poach egg in boiling water, serve on plate and grate cheddar over the egg,
then spread cheese melt and mayonnaise, sprinkle pepper to taste  

Photo (up-down)
Homemade Main entrées
*Beef with Broccoli by yours truly and mom (coffeewithadropofunshine)
Boil marinated beef in soysauce and pepper until tender, Sauté shallots, broccoli and muschroom in butter for less than a minute, Dip beef in soysauce, (separate) Stir-fry shallots and Beef in Chicken oil and a tbsp of butter until brown, Sauté together the vegetable mix and the beef and pour oyster sauce and stock, Simmer until flavors unite and sauce thickens a bit (be careful not to overcook the broccolii). Serve hot.
*Adobo rice by yours truly
Place rice in a pan and pour in Adobo sauce (soysauce-vinegar-bullion-garlic) and stir fry until rice becomes a little crisp, 
cut tomatoes and place atop

We initially wanted to go all out American dishes for our NYE menu but for some reason had the need to have a solid flavorful viand. There's no denying that the Filipino culture is truly imbibed in all of us, I guess! Since Chicken is believed to be a bad luck (remember the saying "isang kahig isang tuka?") for the coming year and since my sisters don't eat pork anymore, the main viand had to revolve around Beef... hence our mean Beef with Broccoli. Yes our recipe is good and greasy HAHA! :)

Photo (up-down)
Main entrées Take out
Lasagna by Greenwhich 
379php half pan
Note: Since Greenwhich is known for their Lasagna (and all other caterers we wanted refused to accept orders), we opted to order here. True enough, their lasagna was good- cheesy, creamy and generously filled with meat.
Garlic bread (on the lasagna) by Pizza Hut 
Note: Our family is a sucker for Garlic Bread, hence. 1 order has 4 pieces.
Pizza by Pizza Hut 
409php Buy 1 Take 1 promo
Note: Pizza Hut was so efficient that all the branches had set up a B1T1 pizza take out scheme outside of the establishment. Flavor: Cheeseburger and Hawaiian Pizza (w/ a choice of a pan or thin pizza crust).

Dessert Take out
Brazo De Mercedez by Max's Bakery
195php half roll
Note: Not too sweet nor too foamy.

And for luck... round fruits and bubbly!

And this was the "goodbye 2013 hello 2014" song that was on loop.
A good song with a crazy beat!
#NP: Thanks for the memories - Fall out boy (Kasum Remix)

Claim that 2014 will bring nothing but greatness!
This is our lucky year!

This will be yet another amazing ride. 
Write wisely... don't mind the mistakes along the way. 
You can erase it and write over it. 
Write beautifully because this is your life and you -and only you- can be its author.

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