Wednesday, February 26, 2014

To say summer is fast approaching is a little delayed being that, the heat is already engulfing the archipelago. Just days ago, we have windy afternoons and chilly nights. No one was prepared to wake up one February morning with sweat dripping our bodies and sun rays entering past our windows. In simple literature- summer is (almost) here. We may not have readied ourselves for this heat but it is not too late to prepare. Besides, it is only February and in our official calendar, April jump-starts the summer season in the Philippines, hence, more heat.

Summer Essentials For 2014
Although Philippines is a tropical country therefore being accustomed to the heat is somewhat expected, it still somehow leaves us unprepared. Besides, who can think straight when under the scorching sun. Before the humid weather totally consume our being, be the good old girl/boy scout that you are; laging handa (always ready). So here is a run down of 5 Summer Essentials you'd need for the different facets of your life- from fashion, to fitness, health, beauty, all the way to your home living. 

Summer Essentials For 2014, Home Essentials at Lazada PH,, The Belle Of A Boulevard

Some homes have ready air-conditioners while some rely on the good old sturdy fans. For the former, due to electricity hike, it is best to have an alternative that is equally cold but make for a cheaper consumption. For the latter, a back-up air cooler could best amplify the wind already distributed by the fan without resulting to a high electricity bill at the end of each month. Air coolers are perfect for both houses and condominiums as designs are mostly sleek and stylish. No need to worry about it looking like a lost odd-looking appliance in your home.

Summer Essentials For 2014, Healthier Summer Beauty Essentials at Lazada PH, The Belle Of A Boulevard

When before it was just plain old blender, now the blender is chopped in to different appliances specializing on different needs. Summer dehydrates us and while we would love drinking ice cold sodas to quench our thirst each time, we know it might take a toll on our well-being in the long run. As a healthier alternative, invest on Fruit shakers and/or Juicers so you can easily drink yourself a glass (or tumbler for the on-the-go people) of refreshing fruit drink instead of artificial ones.

Summer Essentials For 2014, Fitness Essentials at Lazada PH,, The Belle Of A Boulevard
Getting in to fitness, these days, is fast becoming a trend. A good trend in fact. Wanting to be physically fit and well is not just a hype anymore but a fast-spreading mindset of the vast majority. Physical fitness activities, in the same light, have been spring up from ground up with offerings focusing on different fitness goals- core, weights, balance, flexibility, weight loss, endurance, cardio and so on. Non-professionals get in to these activities without having a training background. The determination is admirable of course. But, caution still should be practiced. There are many fitness gears (as in the items on the right) that will help prevent accidents and allow for body support when performing your chosen acivity.

For those, however, who still want a healthier lifestyle but doesn't really want to go hard-core, there are tons of other sports and fun activities to do to break sweat; in example, you can always grab a buddy for a few minutes of friendly badminton or frisbee battle. 

Summer Essentials For 2014, Beauty Essentials at Lazada PH, The Belle Of A Boulevard

Sun calls us to the outdoors and the nature. Sometimes when we are having much fun, we forget to take the proper care our skin needs. Experts say that the Sun is the most harmful element our skin can encounter and if we set it aside thinking it is not that important to put on protection, years from now, results can be visible in forms of wrinkles, dry flaky skin, pigmentation and to state an extreme, life-threatening such as skin-cancer. There's no harm in taking a minute or two from our scheduled fun trips to supplement our skin with the necessary nutrients and protection it needs. Better yet, do applications on a daily basis even when you are not on vacation, before stepping out and basking under the Sun's light. 

Summer Essentials For 2014, Fashion Finds at Lazada PH, The Belle Of A Boulevard

Casual clothing and laid-back dressing up is on top mind in hopes of avoiding being all sweaty and sticky. Clothing that allows cool breeze to reach our bodies are preferred. In short, It's hard to be all fashionable, dolled up and dressed up during summer. For instant amplification of an outfit, shades can be a hallelujah. It also helps that it gives more via its protection against the harsh rays of sunlight directly meeting our eyes. Good thing fashion is ever so evolving that creation of different styles continue to be born to fit the different shapes of our faces and fit the different personalities as well.

Don't let the heat stop you from having the best summer this 2014! 

For the items above, head on over to Lazada and be summer ready! 33 days before the season officially starts so better gear up before the heat is (unbearably) up. Ready, set... countdown begins.

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