Monday, February 10, 2014

When sweet cravings hit you in the middle of a hot February night, choices could be limiting and movement limited. Luckily for us who reside in the Katipunan area, roads lead to a few nearby commercial centers. Now that is one problem down.

Next question: what would satisfy the need for sugar given the circumstance? Something cold perhaps? Or a slice of cake that could stay longer in the system hence prolong the need for yet another unnecessary sweet treat? (The ugly truth my friends... the ugly truth ). Searching high and low led to an incredible find (and a perfect solution at that)- Yogurt Cheesecake from The White Hat!

The White Hat Cubao Quezon City

The White Hat Cubao Quezon City

My sisters and I decided on their Cubao branch since it closes later than the others at 12 midnight. Surely, the streets of Cubao is one of the busiest in the Metro. Even though it seems to me the comings and goings of people are endless and the conversations of each group could sometimes make for a dizzying buzzing sound, there's no denying that Cubao could hand you everything and anything you could possibly need and want. 

The White Hat, Toppings

The White Hat, Toppings

The White Hat, Yogurt Sizes

The White Hat Cubao Quezon City

The White Hat Menu

The White Hat in Cubao is relatively small but cozy, with a table or 2 inside and one placed on their alfresco area. My sisters and I frequented the now closed Morato branch and preferred The White Hat over the others when the Yogurt craze exploded in our country. I've always loved their Pinoy Hat and used to always crave for it... until slowly, the yogurt ice cream took a back seat for the time being. I always say that the true test of a great brand/business/idea is its staying power past the hype. Thankfully, our personal favorite have gone past that and has proven it is here to stay. They invested on customer loyalty- making old ones feel special and new ones attended to. Also, they slowly but surely went on innovating, placing new but tested food offerings (as you can see above) to add to their famous Yogurt selection. 

Now this is where I tease you and make you crave! :)

FOOD: Yogurt Cheesecake
Made with real yogurt
Plain  P90.00/slice | Flavored P100.00/slice
The White Hat Yogurt CheesecakeThe White Hat Red Velvet Yogurt Cheesecake
Red Velvet Yogurt Cheesecake 
This was my sister Tricia's order- her favorite flavor. I was able to take bites of this. Red Velvet is one of the most used and abused dessert flavor for some years now- cupcakes, crinkles, cookies, ice cream, you name it. Most desserts don't do good using this flavor but with this, the greasy sweetness of red velvet flavor was neutralized by the yogurt base of the cheesecake and the dark chocolate crust. 

The White Hat Strawberry Yogurt Cheesecake

Strawberry Yogurt Cheesecake
My sister Pinky's order, and mine as well. I love strawberry fruit and I love my yogurt with strawberry so it is only apt that I order this flavor for my yogurt cheesecake... and to no regrets! The strawberry's a perfect mix to the yogurt cheesecake giving off a slight tangy sweet and creamy play in the mouth. Pinky was quick to grab what little piece left on my plate from the slice! I only wasn't able to finish off because I'm not that big on full-on dessert meal time and because with the bites I did, my cravings were easily fulfilled and satisfied. 

The slice though is few inches thinner than the usual but it is understandable since the cake is not only a cheesecake but is a also a yogurt. A healthier alternative somehow. Simply put, it gives you your money's worth.

The White Hat, Yogurt Cheesecake and Coffee

Cake and Coffee combination- the partnership I would never get but would always love seeing and smelling!

The White Hat is a partner establishment of Perxclub, a digital loyalty card application, in which you can get a free treat when you have completed the digital perxtamp (stamp) for this establishment. The application is free for everyone to download and is available on App Store and android. In fact, TWH Cubao was awarded best member establishment of perxclub! 

Other Yogurt Cheesecake flavors: Vanilla (Plain), Banana Walnut, Blueberry, Oreo, Cookie Dough, Red Velvet, Mocha, Strawberry

The White Hat
G/F Gateway Mall, Gen Roxas Ave Cubao, Quezon City

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