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The Ikaklit In Our Garden - Author Interview 

Congratulations on this book! It is truly inspiring how you chose to make a story out of this type of relationship and make a children's book out of it. How and When did you decide to discuss a story of a family with parents that are of the same sex orientation? 

I Abdokasiya tibong writer as the author of the story FOCUSING on the issues facing the LGBT sector, particularly in homosexual women. pagkuwestiyon One was the capacity LGBT develop and be part of a noble family.

Ikaklit's story is one of the ways I respond and standing up to indiscriminate sex and sexuality, the word "love" and "family."

Why did you decide to give a voice to this specific advocacy / awareness you are raising?

I feel it Problems experienced by other sectors of the LGBT because I'm here. Conservative, traditional and patriarchal society like the Philippines, more than accepting Often criticized us. maghinalisadong We like other sectors: Must speak to remain in existence. Must be strong and united voice to be heard. The writing is just one more form of demand for rights. 

I'm sure working with people who has the same vision as you made it easy .... 

Trulili. It will not be the book's story Ikaklit if people have visions of liberating future. This led the way for the collaboration we have by CJ, Jeni Potty ate and ate. And I'm sure the vision is also the reason why prolong the Work on Promoting equality.

How did you make sure that the way the story is narrated, given its maturity, be a voice that kids can understand? 

My first attempt and writing children's stories Ikaklit. Research and observations of the children became my bridge entering THEIR culture. 'm not so kapanatag that I execute efficiently tuned to its author (Ikaklit) Should the reader be measured there. The true Because , until now I still They study writing for children. My first attempt and writing children's stories Ikaklit. Research and observations of the children became my bridge entering THEIR culture. 'm not so kapanatag that I execute efficiently tuned to its author (Ikaklit) , Should the reader be measured there. The true Because, until now I still They study writing for children. :) 

We know kids have a tendency to take in what They read or see. What do you want to say to those who think this book would just MIGHT raise children's curiosity and open them to experimenting?

One of the goals of this book ambisyosang Ikaklit guidance will help both children and adults When it comes to matters of respect for others regardless of difference or similarity to one another. Can accept it or not but definitely makababasa, ask and it will lead the conversation . That's the point of the book: to discuss things that are not in question. Part of the growth and development of children / people questioning and experimentation Because in this way we learn. Nothing wrong with self-discovery. There is also no evil in the detection and recognition of the idea of respect. 

Personally, I applaud this book for being a voice to those who can not speak up and a friend to those who are experiencing similar situation but are afraid to just be due to the boos of society. But, after this move, do you plan on making more books with the same message?

Of course you would! that I said earlier, that is exactly the line of my pen, promotion of equality. Being that the book is noted for raising awareness against discrimination.

And since the parents are the ones who will purchase the book, and being that there be more conservative THEIR generation, how can you make them not not consider? 

Guided but not held by writers reactions or be bearing reader. I respect that thrives especially on the konserbatsimo our society. The only sad, Because children's book Ikaklit, serves a gatekeeper (parent / teacher) the book before it reaches the intended young readers of the book. Highly Likely that the first existing prehuwisyo before hearing the book would say. It's one of the Problems we have in the future distribution of the book. That reality. Regardless, to remain the hope that the time would come that it would not be for more advanced issues and empowering the society in future. 

Please, invite our readers. :) 

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Author Profile

Graduates of the MA Filipino: Creative Writing Bernadette Villanueva Neri and UP Diliman and BA Mass Communication major in Journalism and UP Baguio. Ugh fairytale plots, essays, plays, and short stories lesbiyana (Which he dubbed "narrative" or narrative of the stinger) . He currently teaches and UP Diliman, taking duktorado conjunction with Creative Writing at the same school. With him now houses five muning like him also keen ikaklit and other plants. 

About The Book

Children's book FOCUSING on non-kumbensiyunal and non-traditional families are the Ikaklit in Our Garden (2012). Specifically it tinutuunan the future challenges of a child with two mothers. 

The Ikaklit in Our Garden is a children's book that tackles unconventional and non traditional family FOCUSING on the struggle particularly a child with two mothers faces. 

Written by Bernadette Villanueva Neri
Illustrations by CJ de Silva 

Translated (English) by Jennifer Malonzo 

Layout by Jennifer Padilla 

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