Sunday, March 2, 2014

Ang Ikaklit Sa Aming Hardin
(Ikaklit in our Garden)
by Bernadette Villanueva Neri

Aklat-pambatang tumatalakay sa mga di-kumbensiyunal at di-tradisyunal na pamilya ang Ang Ikaklit sa Aming Hardin (2012). Partikular nitong tinutuunan ang mga hámong hinaharap ng isang batang may dalawang nanay.

Ang Ikaklit sa Aming Hardin is a children's book that tackles unconventional and non traditional family particularly focusing on the struggle a child with two mothers faces.

A Carlos Palanca Memorial Awardee for Literature
2006, First Prize
Maikling Kwentong Pambata

Ikaklit - A Bontok term for Sunflower
Bontok - Indigenous people living in Bontoc, the capital of Cordillera PH

Book Review
To say that this is a great children's book is an understatement. A groundbreaking book noted for its bravery to break the norm and discuss what society dusts under the rug and what religion labels as wrongful doing- a family with parents of the same sex. But given its controversial nature, it still speaks softly- using a voice that children can understand. Brushed off by mainstream publication, the perseverance to make a voice and be the voice via the release of the book is something to be lauded. It's especially wonderful that the writer decided to start speaking this truth and telling this story to children; giving comfort to kids with the same situation and at the same time, making those who aren't, understand. 

Ang Ikaklit sa Aming Hardin (Ikaklit in our Garden) is one of a kind. A masterpiece for this generation and the generations to come who are now on this new wave of family circumstances. It also syncs its symbolism in form of a flower and then a garden, to how acceptance can be formed and how love is the only vital thing necessary for healing, nurturing and understanding. It seeks to open the eyes of a culture that masks judgement as being conservative and being blind. More than anything else, it seeks to be a friend who makes its presence constantly felt. 

This video, in line with the book, showcases this type of family and shows how deep an understanding kids have.

Watch out for the spread feature of Ang Ikaklit sa Aming Hardin, Interview with the author Bernadette Villanueva Neri, Interview with the illustrator CJ de Silva and the amazing giveaway!

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