Tuesday, April 22, 2014

As we grow older, wrinkles become inevitable. In a way, it is the mark of the journeys we took. It shows our wisdom and our life experience. It is a testament to our hardships and triumphs. Likewise, wrinkles speak of who we are, or so experts claim. The infographic I will share with you will talk about that and more. Know what your wrinkles say about you. 

What Facial Wrinkles Say About You

The summer season is also a contributing factor to having wrinkles. Well, not the season per se, but specifically- the sun. It is not to say that we should not enjoy the season as well as all the adventures and activities that goes with it. Rather, it is a reminder to simply take extra care and precaution so as to limit the wrinkles and other skin damages the sun may bring. 

Always wear sunscreen. 
With the sun up high, protect your skin with sun screen. find one with high SPF. It is also better if the product has a moisturizing benefit to it. Slather on your skin before basking under the sun. If, like me, you hate feeling sticky especially with the heat, find a sunscreen that is water base. It usually comes in spray bottles. 

Invest on a good shades.
A good sunglass is a friend. It not only is a great fashion statement, it also is ultimately, a great protector from the sun. It also is a confidence booster. Find one that suits the frame of your face and one that comes in classic style. The latter can go with any outfit and will save you from future fashion boo boo.

Bring water.
Stash a bottle of water in your bag for a quick refresher. Dehydration can be rampant this season and it affects your skin. It is important to replenish the water in your system every so often. 

Now jot this all down and practice daily.

I hope you enjoyed the inforgraphic as much as I did. Go have a great summer, Belles and Beaux of the Boulevard!!

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