Friday, May 2, 2014

November of 2013, in one of the blog tours I took part of, a slightly quirky titled book written by a high ranking banker slash worldy Filipina slash wonder mom introduced itself- Don't Forget The Soap, it read in the cover page. The book tapped my curiosity with the title but what won me over was 1) This Filipina's profile 2) Her stories of travels, childhood, work and life abroad, and family stories which, despite the difference, somehow resonated to that of my own and gave me inspiration at the same time.

The book was featured in blog tours, shows and events within the country and even outside of it. Cited as a bestseller in Amazon ranking # 1 in Parenting and Adult-Child Relationships category and # 11 in Women’s Biographies List, it is impossible to have missed it out. In any case, let me re-introduce the book to you.

Don’t Forget the Soap (And Other Reminders From My Fabulous Filipina Mother) is a collection of anecdotes: stories from the tight-knit Filipino community in Vancouver mix with memories of her move to New York, experiences at Yale and travels as a young executive. Underlying this narrative is the story of a global citizen who does not want to forget the fundamental values that come along with the “immigrant experience” as she and her husband raise their children in the increasingly glitzy expat bubble of Singapore. Her parents continue to remain a big influence in her life and her mother’s reminders a grounding force.

 Don't Forget The Soap by Marie Claire Lim Moore

You can avail of the book on the ff:
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SG: MPH and Kinokuniya (SGD 18.60)

To those who haven't read the book yet, the story behind the title is something you have to read for yourself. For those who have, then I am sure we all can relate to how much that chapter of the book made us look at our own mothers, remember their version of endless "reminder", and appreciate them for instilling these things in us. More often, these reminders make up a few percent of who we are. And it forever lives on in us. Which is also why Don't Forget The Soap by Marie Claire Lim Moore is a book that is very apt this month of may- Mother's day! It can be a great gift for our mothers. It is also a great read as it will remind us of the amazing quirkiness of our own moms.

Here are some great Mom Moments on the book

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For the greatest part, Marie Claire Lim Moore extends her gratitude for her mother
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Good luck with the Giveaway and Happy Mother's day in advance to you and to your mothers!

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