Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Di ka na nya love? #AyosLangYan!

Season change. Stuvvs happen, ayos lang yan.

The Tales Of The Friend Zone

#TFTFZx with Ramon Bautista and Nikki Veron Cruz

Back with a new web-series, Ramon Bautista stars in Tales of the Friend Zone X (#TFTFZx) to share the bittersweet love story of Arvin Jimenez (Ramon Bautista) and Teacher Ines (Nikki Veron Cruz). Set as a love story filled with pwetty sunsets and “Love is only real when baduy” moments, #TFTFZx will make any love bird tweet feelings to the max.

But it’s not all weepy feelings for TFTFZx. 

The Tales Of The Friend Zone Moments

The Tales Of The Friend Zone #TFTFZx Moments

Yes, hearts will be broken. But hearts will also be touched as well with moments of comfort and laughter between these two "friends". But if you are one to resonate with the intestine-pulling-pain from a broken heart, then this  bittersweet series will be a perfect watch to escape from the "feels"! 

And, it does not end there...

To reward the fans of TFTFZx and the 2013 release of Tales from the Friend Zone series ( tftfzero/), is giving away fabulous prizes perfect for mending broken hearts. Starting on June 11 until June 30, you can be one of the lucky winners of Gshock watches, Gshock couple watches and GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition cameras.

Gshock Watch #AyosLangYan Giveaway
GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition #AyosLangYan Giveaway
These amazing prizes would heal any broken heart right? 
So like Queen Elsa, let it go for a second... and hop on to AyosDito!

#AyosLangYan Giveaway

Feel your heart resting a bit from the pain? Good. Carry on! :)

While it's not entirely wise to look back at memories and play it on and on in your head, it can also do you good. How? Remember 50 first dates? Tom was playing all the memories and looking at it as if everything about the relationship's perfect. We are blinded when we are in love. A knocking on the head by Tom's adorable sister was all it took to change perspective as she wisely at so young an age advised dear big brother to look back with reality clearly in check. That means seeing all the memories as they are- the good and even the bad ones. Because chances are, it's not all chocolates and roses. If you accept that, you will see why it's not meant to work in the first place. (Side note: Hashtag DEEP! Haha!)

Kaya naman, talagang #Ayoslangyan! 

Here's the start of the Arvin and Ines' #TFTFZx :)

Kumirot ba? Sali nalang sa Giveaway ng #AyosDito! :)

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