Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I have been hearing about Restaurant Of Choice (ROC) Cafe for quite some time but it was only after my sister Tricia brought home for me their Ham and Cheese Panini after a meeting of hers, accompanied by her descriptive tales of how cozy and unique the restaurant is, did I feel the need to try it out. Yes... need. My feelings for it are that strong. I am a sucker for small spaces with homey or/and artistic vibe to it. She kept yapping about how good the food is too, and for such reasonable prices. In an instant, I read about it online and it elevated my curiosity even more.

Months passed, whirlwind of things happened, and Restaurant Of Choice was still boldly written under my Restaurants-to-visit list.

A year after, with our baby girl Louisa wrapped in blue and white flower terno, my sisters and I finally found the right moment to sit down and dine in it. I guess it is true what they say, everything has a perfect timing; even to as simple an activity as eating.

Restaurant Of Choice (ROC) Cafe is tucked inside UP campus' Bahay Ng Alumni. It is the type of restaurant that does not crave for attention. Rather, it invests in comfortability- with its lighting, its interior, and its food.

Restaurant Of Choice at UP Bahay Ng Alumni

Restaurant Of Choice at UP Bahay Ng Alumni

Crispy Bicol Express- Restaurant Of Choice
Crispy Bicol Express
Heaven has opened its door as I took a spoonful of this. I love crispy pork and Bicol Express separately. Combining it makes for a gastronomic pleasure in my mouth, and this is to no exaggeration. The Bicol Express sauce is creamy with just the right amount of kick- not too overpowering. The Kangkong sidedish in vinegar dressing surprisingly goes well with it. If you are in to Filipino fare but is looking for something different, this would be a delightful experience for you. 

Pesce Parmigiana- Restaurant Of Choice
Pesce Parmigiana (Choice of Pasta or Rice)
This was my sister Tricia's order. She chose pasta over rice for this and the cheesy salsa sauce (more of a puree actually) mixed well with it. The fish is nothing special on its own, but the whole medley of it made it good. The capers were a great addition to the flavor as it brought saltiness to the lite but sweet savory sauce. 

ROC Burger- Restaurant Of Choice
ROC Burger
A number of foodies claim this to be one of the best burgers along the UP-Maginhawa area. I cannot hail a winner yet on my book as I have yet to try other burgers from other establishments. ROC Burger's Beef patty is probably about half an inch thick. It is compact. From the look and taste of it, it is not made of fillers, which a number of food joints do with their burger patties. The Beef is soft and juicy. It tasted so good; it can actually be eaten with rice. My sister Pinky commented on the bun though, which is a Pandesal bun. It would have been better even with a regular burger bun. 

Restaurant Of Choice

Restaurant Of Choice (ROC) Cafe is a great place to meet and dine with friends and family. The restaurant is not buzzing with noise and chatter, but it is not awkwardly silent either. It can be a corner to keep still and relax from the busy city over delicious, fuss-free, and reasonably priced food. 

Restaurant Of Choice at UP Bahay Ng Alumni
The famous ROC door. From the iconic baby blue, it is now painted in blush pink. 

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