Sunday, August 3, 2014

Clothing inspired by a Chinese past life belief.
An ode to past Chinese ancestors in our kin.
In time for the month of February's Chinese New Year Festivities.

Of All the Disney princesses/ladies, I resonated best with Mulan not only because she's Asian but because I was drawn to her bravery as she stepped up and went in to war to prevent her elderly father from going. She's empowered and strong, enough to break gender barriers and limitations. Like her, I am a feminist fighting for equality. Like her, I am an individual fighting for freedom.

I also always feel a certain pull to old China. 
So this is an expression of the past life I believe I lived. 

Top: Chiffon Chinese Collar Malt
Bottom: Legging tights Forever 21
Shoe: (Favorite) Red pumps Le Donne

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