Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A true blue reader can spend hours whiling away Saturday afternoons cuddled up in a corner,
book in hand.

A bibliophile never fails to stop by any bookstore to scan the backs and insides of a book,
hoping for a good purchase.

A book aficionado gets carried away to every words,
and with every scenes in the story.

Above all, a real book worm will travel miles to scour the insides of the Metro for book sales (such as Books For Less' Warehouse Sale) that drop to as low as P10.00 per, fighting with fellow readers while combating heat, dirt, and occasional stack-of-book avalanche. 

Books For Less Warehouse Sale

Love for reading, much like for writing, runs in our family. My sister Tricia, on the other hand, takes it to a whole new level with book thrifting. I soon joined her in the hunt for book sales- new, old, or even swaps! Besides, is it not great to buy 14 books for the price of 1? That is exactly the number of books we got to bring home with us from the thrifting we did in Books For Less Warehouse Sale

We are not familiar with places in Pasig so the trip was made with much effort and extensive researching. Surprisingly, it turned out to be relatively easy. We opted for travel via commute so that we would get to stop at key areas and landmarks as instructed by the staff of BFL and google maps. 

From the SM Megamall, ride an FX bound (P23) for Pasig Palengke (Tell the driver to drop you off at the Rotonda near Jolibee) then ride a tricycle (P30-50) to La Consolacion College-Pasig, the warehouse sale is in front of the school. There is a poster so it won't be hard to miss.

Books For Less Warehouse Sale Pasig City

When I first came across the poster of the sale on Facebook, for some reason, I did not picture the sale to literally be in their warehouse. Imagine my hesitance when I saw the exterior of the place upon landing. Do not get me wrong though. It was not because the place looked scary or anything. It's just that, it was this one big warehouse with books scattered and stacked all over the place. As soon as the obvious realization settled in, I took my hair up in a tight bun and began ransacking! :)

Books For Less: Warehouse Sale

Here are some tips, fellow readers.

1) Be warned, the place does not have air conditioner or fan so bring a handkerchief, tie for females, and wear comfortable clothing.
2) The aisles are narrow. It would be best not to bring a bag. If you really cannot do without it, opt for sling/body bags. It would make squeezing in easier. 
3) Stores are not that near so it is best to hydrate before coming.
4) Prepare muscle strength hours prior because chances are, you arms would serve as your basket (see the lady in white over there?)
5) Bring your own eco-bag as they do not have plastics/to-go wraps.
6) Be open to new genres, authors, stories, etc. Do not expect to find too commercially produced books. 
7) Do not be afraid to dig in the pile! Sometimes the best books are hidden under. But bring alcohol because some books are dusty. 
8) ENJOY the hunt and have a keen eye! :)

Books For Less Warehouse (SALE) is located at 643 Mercedes Ave., Brgy San Miguel, Pasig City
The sale is open for the whole month of August 2014.
All books are priced at P10.00  (No kidding!)
 0917 6309999 (Their staff are helpful with directions)

Of all the book hunting we did, this by far is one for the books for me and my sister.
Happy shopping, book lovers!

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