Saturday, August 23, 2014

The world today has the capability to hand to us things on a silver platter. Everything is made easier. While progress is admirable- and with no effort denying it- desired and demanded, progress can become a hindrance to growth. Of our souls, that is.

So let's go back to basics. No, I do not mean hypocrisy. Primitive living is not for everyone. And I applaud those who can and those who do. The modern world however is for the majority, myself included. Going back to basics simply call forth simplicity... things that come naturally. Organic. And to do so at least once every so often is more than enough to recharge our spirits.

Let's go back to walking. Modern transportation is heaven sent- traffic, pollution, delays, and what not excluded from the equation. But to walk towards winding roads, on grassy lands, amidst sprawling cities, is a good change of pace. It gives us time to think, to know, and to take in.

Do what feels natural. Make the effort to not put effort in how you present yourself. Be the most genuine you; no pretentions, no shows, no for-the-sake-of-presentation, and "how will other people see me?" Let loose and strip. It should not be hard, "YOU" should come through as naturally as possible.

Top: Bodycon white blouse Thrift
Vintage handbag
Bottom: (old) Slanted stripe-patterned skirt Just G
Bead embroidered flats CLN

Go back to nature. Find days in a year to surround yourself in greens. Breathe in the rawness of the earth, the freshness of the air, and bask under the golden glow of the sun. When life feels at a pause, take a second to step away from the urban jungle and be with life.

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