Friday, August 29, 2014

Living in the metro is fun- the 24/7 convenience stores to cater to our midnight cravings, big malls to shop, dine, and while away time, convenient urban landscapes, and many other establishments ready to answer to our whims. Despite all these, sometime, we search for something more- something different but also something quick to get to and squeeze in to our busy lifestyles.

Enter Zoomanity Group, the people responsible for creating places to have fun, to enrich our environmental awareness, and to experience realistic but equally thrilling adventures. My sister Tricia and I would often search the web for quick getaways and places that offer unique activities. And since the birth of my niece, we have been planning trips and getaways similar to those we have been exposed to growing up, like our Zoobic safari trip in Subic circa early 2000. I remember the moment vividly. Lolo and dad were (still) with us protecting us from the hungry tigers circling our ride, despite the enclosement and safety bars, all the while secretly trembling in fear. Haha! Men... our men! :)

Zoobic Safari is an idea brought to life by Zoomanity Group. Aside from the close encounter with the tigers, they also offer a trekking activity in which you can watch in awe and even interact with exotic but semi-domesticated animals. You can also follow the Aeta trail which will lead you to the beautiful culture of these Filipino natives. Just be prepared to dance with them.

Zoomanity Group- Zoobic Safari, Subic

If, like my mom, you crave for a peaceful and serene getaway, Zoominity Group has literally opened a "paradise in nature" in Cavite with Paradizoo. You can walk alongside interesting animals like llama, camels, miniature horses, ostriches, greyhounds,etc. I would definitely be picking some of their fresh produce to take home with us. Crisp vegetations, aromatic flowers... I can already picture it in my head!

Zoomanity Group- Paradizoo, Cavite

Zoocobia, also in Subic at the forested foothills of the extended Clark Freeport Zone, is an ecological treat. There's a maze that I am excited to try out ("Not all who wander are lost" -Tolkien). If that is not already a treat in itself, they throw in Zooc in the picture. Zooc is a gravity car (WHAT!) patterned after the luge in Sentosa Resort in Singapore. For some quiet time, you can bird watch at Birds of Paradise, bottle feed baby farm animals at The Barn, and be educated about animals and plants that are endemic to the Philippines in the Philippine's Pride.

Zoomanity Group- Zoocabia, Clark Freeport Zone
Zoomanity Group- Zoocabia
Zoomanity Group- Zoocabia

Apart from those, the group also created Residence Inn in Tagaytay for an easy refueling. The place has a mini zoo, a zip line, and offers other entertainment activities that families would enjoy. This would probably be the first on our list for our baby girl Louisa. It's about time she sees the breathtaking view of Taal Lake.

Zoomanity Group- Residence Inn Tagaytay

Zoobic Safari: P495 Adults P395 Kids
Zoocobia Zoo: P250 Adults P250 Kids
Residence Inn: P249 Adults P199 Kids
Paradisoo: P149 Adults P99 Kids

Now go and plan ahead Belles and Beaux of the Boulevard! 
Excuse me as I do mine, too. :)

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