Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Mention shopping to any yuppies today and you'll instantly hear endless stories and encouragements on online shopping as oppose to the traditional mall experience. Shopping in malls still remains to be a pleasurable experience, of course. But doing it online is more fun, easy, and fuss-free... so they say. Admittedly, because of hesitations and apprehensions, I was a little late in the game. My sister Tricia, on the other hand, has always been a certified aficionado and it was her endless browsing and consistently successful purchases that finally nudged me to experience it for myself. One year later, I've become a convert!

To this day though, despite my love and enjoyment, I can't deny the fact that I still time and again hear doubting voices in my head before finally buying items I have eyed; questioning quality, trustworthiness of sellers, success on shipments, and so forth. So I decided to make a list on the benefits of online shopping to answer my own second-guessing. If you are a little nuts (kidding!) like me when it comes to shopping online, then by all means use this list to ease your nerves as you make a purchase!

You can do endless "window" shopping without getting tired.
Unlike guys, ladies have to stroll around the mall and check all possible choices before finally buying an item. This is not a waste of time and is actually a smart shopping move. And no matter what these Martians say, there is a valid logical explanation to it.

To prove point- scenario: Girl saw a beautiful peep-toe pumps at store 1 priced at P2, 000. The fit is great, the comfort unfathomable, and the style is spot-on. Girl was smitten. However, her smarts told her to check out stores 2, 3, and 4. Stores 2 and 3 failed to present a competition. With tired feet, girl marched inside store 4 and saw a similar looking pumps with great fit, unfathomable comfort, spot-on style, and -most importantly- discounted price! Girl fell in love. Girl made a successful purchase.

Need I say more? *wink*

The power of delivered goods.
When we shop, especially if we shop in bulk and shop for home and kitchen needs, it is a dread to have to carry our goods back home. Delivery is the answer to that small step-back. Apart from that, is it not exciting to come home and be greeted by a package containing the items we bought? It is, isn't it!

You can multi-task while shopping.
Yes, you can do more with your time. You can work while shopping. You can read while shopping. You can scan YouTube videos while shopping. You can catch on latest Hollywood gossip while shopping. You can even write and shop alternatively. All that is needed is a ‘new tab'. 

It is, by all means, the most hassle-free way to shop.
No lines in the cashier, no swiping/money troubles, no overly-perky and pleasant salespeople, no awkward computations in your mind, no travel (translate: traffic) problems. No (fill in the blank with your own personal shopping troubles).

The choices are endless.
There are tons of online malls now. Brands allow you the possibility to shop for their products online. There are plenty of buy and sell sites for cheaper and more out-of-the-ordinary find. And all these choices are just a click away!

Answers to doubts however, do not stop on making a list or re-reading your list whenever you shop. What's more important so you can make  a successful online purchase is knowing who or what among these shops/platforms to trust. When it comes to online fashion malls in the Philippines, I personally believe in Zalora. For home needs, Lazada is tried and tested. Buy and sell online is a little tricky since you are not only relying on the site alone, but on the seller specifically. Which is why, Lamido offers a more secured way of shopping in this category.

There are more popular and long-standing buy and sell sites of course. And although these sites are great over-all, you still have to make your search manually (wrong keyword: wrong direction) and your safety still falls on you solely. 

Lamido Philippines on the other hand has designed their site with organized category section to make searching easier, with more detailed product descriptions to guide you. Lamido ensures that sellers are trusted, creating the buyer protection scheme- "a safeguard that assures you that, if anything goes wrong, you will get the item you wanted or your money refunded." They not only screen the sellers but also have a direct contact to them. Should there be trouble between buyer and seller, you can contact Lamido to file a complaint so long as the complaint is eligible and is made in good faith. The company will then act as a trusted intermediary, making sure that resolution be made.

If you are not comfortable with COD (Cash on delivery) method, you can opt for a safepay method. With this method, buyers deposit the payment to Lamido's bank accounts (BDO, BPI, Chinabank, Metrobank). There's always a fear that our money may go some place else, or that the seller will just run away with it. And that fear can be eradicated by this new method of payment. We can be sure that our money was sent to the seller and that we won't be scammed since Lamido assures that these sellers are legitimate. 

The steps are simple. Choose a product, select the product, and purchase it. Choose which Lamido bank account you want to deposit your payment in. Scan/take a picture of your deposit slip and then upload it in the site. No need for long emails and other inanities. 

Lamido makes sure that our shopping experience is made better and that we can shop knowing that our safety is a priority. 

All these safeguards, together with the list, will make all doubts about online shopping go away. Of course, you still have to be cautious. And (I don't mean to pry, but...) spend money wisely. There are many goods online and sometimes the power of temptation (read: eye-catching photographs, comments of satisfied  customers, great price deals, etc.) can trick us in to buying things we may not really need at the moment or may never use in the future even. Apart from that, go have fun online shopping, Belles and Beaux of the Boulevard

You can also download the Lamido App in Google Play to make shopping even more easy!

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