Monday, November 3, 2014

There are days when we opt for casual takes rather than glamouring up, no matter the love for fashion. Not to say style should be taken for granted. These days we see the value of long forgotten clothes, mixing and matching them and seeing new ways on how to wear them.

Old things (in my closet) happen to come in brown and yellow shades. I've been wearing a lot of black and white monochromes lately that the calming natural combination of the shades have not crossed my mind, until I pulled these pieces out. Before finally giving away old clothes, have one last look and give it the final ramp it deserves. You can decide from there whether to finally let it go or to hold on to it some more (and yes, that applies to love as well *grinning!*).

Tattered jeans (which I am very proud of doing myself) closes the whole comfort grunge look, while the red pumps allow some hint of decency to come through for the whole outfit.


Overdress: Yellow peacock designed cardigan Greenhills
Top: Brown bubble spaghetti top Patty's Closet
Bottom: Black tattered maong Jag Jeans
Shoe: (Favorite) Red pumps Le Donne
Accessories: Sophie's 

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