Friday, November 28, 2014

She dances under a clear blue sky, her moves fluid as the blood streaming inside her body. Her eyes closed as she shifts from left to right, feeling every energy flow throughout the make of her existence. The music, a symphony of melody and beat, absorbs her spirit. She is free. She is alive.

Nothing could take away the moment. And she is in it, a hundred percent in the moment, a hundred percent of herself. Her hands follow the rhythm of the sound, meeting each other after each second, then apart, then together again. The movement it makes form a sound of joy, playing with the instruments that she's listening to.

There are many beautiful moments in her life. But that time there's nothing more beautiful than it. It was the eve of another change in her- it was a time to grow some more. Yet like a child she was there, dancing and singing, laughing and giggling. It amazed her how she can be so whole, and one, and connected to the people, to the place, to the sound.

Each breathing was blissful as the beautiful noise lingered in her thoughts even after the momentous bow closed the show. And then she came home to a lighted candle, delightful meal, and warm laughter from a happy conversation. At past 12 mid night  she blew the light from the candle. The sway of the upward smoke carried the whisper of her wishes and gratitude.

And then morning.


A beautiful day of acceptance.
She is alive. 
She is 24.

And she will thrive. 

Top: Dress (Decade old) Nafnaf
Shoe: Greenhills
Accessory: Sunnies by Charlie at Zalora PH

"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; 
and to do so with some passion, 
some compassion, some humor, 
and some style." 
-Maya Angelou

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