Saturday, January 24, 2015

It has been 24 days since the start of year 2015. January's time is almost up. Most of us are not big on resolutions. As a kid growing up, you make an annual check list only to find 2 resolutions checked off by the end of the year, and that is out of 50. Motivation diminishes as years pass by. I gave up on making one years ago. To hell with New Year's Resolution! It's all just bull! (Yikeesss, see how we sound like? I cringe)

January 1st of 2015, as I was sitting on the edge of my bed with a new notebook in hand, I realized why it was so hard (for me at least) to make a NY resolution and to keep up with it. The contents are 'too big too sudden'. It was more of a life plan that stretches on and on towards the end our lives and that sometimes scares us. So instead of moving forward with the resolutions, we stall it. It would probably be better if we write things that we can immediately do something about, small things and steps that will each year contribute to attaining those big goals and changes we want for our lives and ourselves. Let's start writing.

Greet PEOPLE on their birthdays.

Note: And I don't just mean your close-knit circle/s. 

Most of us are very guilty of only greeting people we are very close to. (I raise my hand in admission)- but only because they're birthdays are the only ones we remember. New acquaintances, old school mates, colleagues we don't sit with, even distant relatives don't get to have a space on our birthday calendar in our memory banks because we don't even have memorable moments with them to accompany it. But Facebook brought this excuse reason down -and all others (read: no load, no phone, too busy, was preoccupied with other things etc.)- with a birthday reminder, now even upgraded to a birthday notification.

Admittedly I've yet to start with this today but I am hoping that I can fully commit to it. And whether we admit it or not, we all know how special we feel when people greet us on our birthdays. So that being said, remember that good energy begets good energy. 

Swim at least once a week.

Exercise of any form releases a chemical called endorphins or "the happy hormones"- so called because, as per webmd, "they trigger a positive feeling in the body". Apart from that, we can build up on our tenacity and endurance hence be able to take up more load with as little exhaustion as possible. Though not a stellar swimmer and still on the ropes of learning the proper techniques, I choose swimming. It serves as both a physical and motivational training for me. But if you are not up for it, choose an activity that you know you will enjoy or is in line with your strength. Start gradually so your body can keep up. If a daily routine sounds too much for you, once or twice a week on a religious basis is okay. 


Emotions are hard to handle. Bottled up emotions are even harder. Memories and emotions walk side by side, hand in hand. The best way to either keep or release them is to write it down. The past months I keep trying to find excuses for me not to write and it did not do me any good. A heavy weight pins me down as I stored in and refused to express all that I have in my thoughts and in my heart. Most of us could not face these overflowing emotions and memories; society once again teaches us to hold it in as much as we can for fear of judgement and rejection.  The pen keyboard and paper monitor are a mighty ally and trusted friend; they don't judge, don't condemn, and don't argue. 

Write. Write. WRITE. 

Smile in the morning.

Most times, there's nothing to smile about in the morning- waking up early instead of having a deep slumber, the thought of the stressful commute or the heavy traffic, the dull or chaotic day that is about to pass by, school, work, chores... the list can go on and on. And then there are the life consuming provocative thoughts that greet you like "What am I doing in my life?", "Why am I still doing this?", "This is not the path I wanted to take.", "I can't take it anymore."... etc, etc. Close your eyes, silence your mind, and instead greet the day with a SMILE. It is like making your mind work in reverse. I read that by doing so, you fool mind into thinking that you are happy and then will send these emotion throughout your system and make you actually happy. 

I lost my father 2 years ago and I am still barely recovering from it. But after 2 years, this 2015, if there's one thing that I take away from all of it is that life is precious. Someone wise said to me, "Life is short? No. Life is not short. But it is fleeting." So I try to appreciate every moment. I appreciate the fact that I am not physically struggling to be alive. And I SMILE about the fact that I am here, I am breathing, and that my heart is beating. You are, too.


I am stopping here because I have only written down 4 as this were the things that I know (we) I can do something about and that (we) I can do soon. The list can be and shall be updated as the year pass by because nothing is ever too late for anything

Have you written down yours? :)

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