Saturday, February 7, 2015

Yakitorione at SM Aura
I first heard read about Yakitori One on Our Awesome Planet. Mouthwatering steaks and different kinds of meat on a stick? And for such cheap a price (99php)? Who would not want to try that out? Located along the Food area on the 4th floor of SM Aura in Taguig, my sisters and I marched to the place with empty stomachs and high expectations. 

Yakitorione at SM Aura
Yakitori One Meal 165.00 php
The steak is of superior quality, cooked in perfect timing- in between medium rare and well with juices squirting inside your mouth as you bite off one side to another. The Chicken Karaage on one hand does not excite the palate that much. Three bite-size (literally) pieces of battered chicken meat, fried and served. And the portion of the batter is greater than that of the meat inside. 

Soy was poured over the rice, which made the meal look messy and too "at home". I thought this was forgivable thinking that maybe it was a special soy vinaigrette. But no it was not. Which brings us back to the first reaction. What if a person is allergic to soy? What if one wants simple plain rice? What if one hates the taste of soy? You can probably request to omit the soy. But I was a first timer (and I am sure there will be a number of first timers who will order) and does not have a clue that the rice will be served the way it was served- too late to do anything about it. I suggest that they serve the soy on the side, rather than marry it with the whole meal. The rice was served cold as well. But maybe because it's a Japanese cuisine? I don't know for sure. 

Yakitorione at SM Aura
When I read about this food establishment, I thought (and basing it simply from the pictures and the write-ups) the serving size was big- not large, but big enough for a meal. I did not expect to be served a small rice bowl, with small meat on top of the rice. For 165, this was disappointing. There's no problem paying a hundred and sixty five pesos a meal so long as it gives value for my money. 

However, I will once again commend the excellent taste and quality of the steak. It was small, granted. But it was really good. I would probably go back to eat 3 of this! I advice you skip to ordering the steaks ala carte. Hopefully improvement was made since my last visit. 

Have you eaten here? How was your experience? Let me know! :)

Yakitori One
Food on Four, SM Aura Premier, Taguig City

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