Wednesday, May 27, 2015

It is rather amazing to think that a piece of clothing can say so much about a person; what she likes, who she is, how she portrays herself, her current mood, and most importantly- how she feels. Whether consciously or otherwise, we tend to reflect our emotions towards the clothing we wear. Sometimes because there seems to be nothing else we can do about it. Most times because the best way to handle it, especially negative ones, is to express it. Fashion, like any art, heals a soul. It is not just about the shallow side of it, in fact there is no shallow side. There never has been. People mistaken vanity with it and these are two very different things.

A piece of clothing is an art. It is created with soul.
We are an art. Our bodies are filled with raw emotions.
The process of dressing is an art. It is an expression.

Cover up: G2000 Ladies
Shoe: Red and beige banig w/ tassels Scarlet, Zalora

Emotion: Blue.

Hope yours are better, belles and beaux of the boulevard! 

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