Thursday, May 7, 2015

Zark's Burger Katipunan
Burger and Beer. Burger and Soda. Burger and Ice Cream Shake. Isn't those the perfect "go to" food this Summer season? My last post was about a trip to a burger place (Barneys to be exact) and now my stomach and the heat dragged me to yet another one. 

Zark's Burger is definitely an old kid on the block, and an established brand at that. There were far too many plans to give the place a try but any place with long lines and waiting hours I decide to skip. I don't go with the hype because it gives a premature assumption and notion about places/things/people. So when you hop on the wagon while the hype is at its peak, you are filled with bias, expectation, and hearsay.  It is better to experience things with virgin thoughts; verdicts can then be based solely on preference, feeling, reaction, etc.

Zark's Three Pointer Burger
Zark's Three Pointer Burger (Minor League 1/4 pound) P125.00
With Fries (or Potato Chips) and Drink + P30.00

Three pointer refers to three kinds of cheese- mozarella, cheddar, and their own cheese sauce. This is the best choice for cheese lovers as the cheese oozes atop and all throughout the innards of the burger, although purists might say that the cheddar lacks saltiness and the mozzarella barely touches the taste glands. Otherwise, this is a good burger. Bread and cheese always marry well together.

Zark's Deep Fried Mushroom Cheeseburger
Zark's Deep Fried Mushroom Cheeseburger (Major League 1/4 pound) P155.00
With Fries (or Potato Chips) and Drink
With a choice of any of the ff sauce: 
Lemon Garlic, Spicy Lemon Garlic, Cheese Sauce, Tartar Sauce, Classic Barbeque Dip, Spicy Barbeque Dip, Barbeque Rum Sauce, Bourbon Barbeque Dip, Chili Oil.

Apart from the jawbreaker, this is one of the ultimate choices. Burger is sinful as is. But to drench it and deep fry it in oil for a crisp coated delight is beyond comprehension. Thank God the patty's made of mushroom instead of beef to somewhat inject some healthiness into it. And I highlight somewhat here. Haha! Other than it being a health hazard, it was brilliant to say the least. The dough had a tinge of sweetness, reminiscent of a doughnut- but milder. The mushroom patty was delicious. And I dare say even more tasty and juicy than the beef patty. The crunch, the tenderness of the patty, and the freshness of the greens was a good symphony. 

We chose the classic BBQ sauce and it blends compatibly with the burger. Although there's not much need for this as the burger can stand alone without the sauce.

Zark's Ultimate Burger

Zark's Ultimate Burger
Zark's Ultimate Burger (Minor League 1/4 pound) P135.00
With Fries (or Potato Chips) and Drink + P30.00

I second its name. This, for me, is their ultimate burger. It is a classic succulent burger. Mushroom drenched in cheese sauce: check, perfectly grilled patty: check, crispy oily bacon: check, a slice of cheese: check, soft grilled buns: check, and fresh vegetables: check. This is a favorite. 

Zark's Shaq Burger
Zark's Shaq Burger (Minor League 1/4 pound) P135.00
With Fries (or Potato Chips) and Drink + P30.00

Number 1, if you choose to order this, forego the additional fries and stick to the onion rings as your side. Number 2, if you are not ready for too much crunch or for a dry burger (or to take a huge bite in front of your peers), do not order this at all. This is not to say that the burger was bad. Separately, the ingredients were prepared well- the patty is juicy and cooked well done, the vegetables are fresh, the bacon oily and crisp, and onion rings big and crunchy, and the buns are soft. As a whole, it lacks a blending component (a barbeque sauce perhaps?). It is a little bit too much to take. I guess it is called Shaq for a reason. 

Zark's Burgers Katipunan Avenue

Zark's Burgers Katipunan Avenue

Zark's didn't scrimp on ingredients and serving size. They also marked reasonable prices on their food. Never mind that they do not have beautiful interiors, their attitude says it all- "our food is too good to care about the appearance." Zark's burgers is truly people's go to place. One that would dare not fail us, I hope. 

Tell me about your food trip here, Belles and Beaux of the Boulevard! :)

Zark's Burgers Katipunan
2/F 318 Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City

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