Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Last May 13, 2015, different media outlets were invited at The Fab Restaurant in Holiday Inn for a media conference of  51Talk (pronounced Five One Talk) and a brief awarding ceremony.

51Talk Media Conference @ Holiday Inn

51Talk is a Chinese english teaching company. The company is an ESL school for Chinese citizens who wishes to learn English in a more hands on and direct approach- a one on one session between a student and a teacher. 

The idea came came about from the company's desire to provide English learning to middle class Chinese citizens who wishes to be more competitive in their employment and business. Although English is taught in school, the quality and time is not enough for a Chinese person to speak and understand the language. Integrating learning and technology, the company came up with an online English school which is more accessible for both the student and the teacher.

Ms. Sue, Founder and Country Manager of 51Talk
Ms. Sue, Co-founder/Country Manager 

Ms. Jen, VP-Operations Philippines of 51Talk
Ms. Jen, VP-Operations, Philippines

"Why Philippines, why not India?", Mr. Oscar Borneo of LifeofAci.com

Ms. Sue emphasized how the Filipino people, apart from the Americans and English people whose first language is English, has the best command in English as a second language. Filipinos not only know the proper use of English but also speak the same way the westerns do. Citizens from other countries, although know how to use the language, has a heavy tone that a normal Chinese person has hard time grasping. 

But apart from the skill, what drew them to choose Filipino teachers above others is the good and nurturing character of the Filipinos. Chinese students, based on feedback and survey, described the teachers as caring, patient, and very understanding. 

51Talk Awards Teachers

The event also held a brief awarding ceremony for excelling teachers. The company awarded a teacher from the province in the Philippines because of how inspiring his story is. Electricity is scarce in the province he resides in. He bought a generator to be able to connect to the internet and teach his students during times when there is a power outage. Because of his perseverance and resilience, the company executives- who met him the first time during the event- awarded him with a laptop. 

51Talk Media Conference
51Talk Media Conference

The scenario of working at the comforts of your home or your outdoor office, with competitive salary and benefits, and the idea of actually making a difference, are all good reasons to join and work at 51Talk whether part time or full time.

Time Management
No More Commuting and Sitting Though Traffic
It Pays Well + You Save More
A Chance to Impart Wisdom And Be A Mentor
You Also Become More Adept With The English Language
It Is An International Company
You Can Be Awarded With A Laptop (Haha)

If all these seems pleasing to you, 51Talk encourages you to trail this new path and
apply online: www.51talk.com/ph/
FB: www.facebook.com/51talk
TW: @51talkph

What do you think, Belles and Beaux Of The Boulevard? 

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