Thursday, September 10, 2015

Let’s go straight to the point, shall we?

1. Culture
Modern society has come a long way from how the world was before. Culture has changed drastically, but the heart of the country lies on the long practiced culture of the people that came before us. Understanding our culture helps us appreciate the people that we are today and the practices that we live by.

2. Art
Art is a form of expression. There are many different mediums of art. But visual art plays the most dramatic role when it comes to pulling out all kinds of emotions from a person. An image, unlike words, does not need explanation or concrete definitions. It draws you in by just staring at it.

Creating art is a great therapy but appreciating is also as good a form of healing. As humans, there are a lot of things we feel that we can not quite say out loud and art can do that for us.

3. History
All the creations in the museum coincide with historical timelines of heroes, presidents, religion, colonizers, tribes, and the likes. These paintings and all forms of art mediums will help you understand history at the same time.

4. National Pride
We are quick to judge our own but if we see all these gifted kababayans that was here before the world became this easy and how much they were appreciated and honored by different nations all over the world, we won’t help but be proud of being a Filipino. How great is it to say, “I came from the same country as the one who painted the Spolarium, a world treasure.”

5. It’s free on SUNDAYS.
Immersing yourself to all these will not cause you a fortune. Yes, the entrance fee (P50 for students, P120 for senior citizens, P150 for adults) is waived every Sunday. (Did I hear a "Hoorah!"?)

This weekend bring your friends and family especially the kids- the youth of today and the leaders of tomorrow; expose them to the things that shaped our modern lives. It will make for a pleasurable and memorable Sunday family bonding experience. What more can you ask for?

National Museum of the Philippines
Pambansang Museo ng Pilipinas
Padre Burgos Drive, City of Manila, Philippines
Tuesday - Sunday 10:00 am - 05:00 pm
+63 2 527 - 0278

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