Thursday, October 15, 2015

Set up in a very intimate space, with a couch, a typewriter table, and a dining area, Break Ups and Breakdowns plunges into the realities, intricacies, and stages of life leading to a break-up, after a break-up, wallowing from one, moving on, the emotional hurdle of seeing the heart-breaker once again, the masterful skill of trying to be with someone new, and repeating all these stages until we reach the latter part of the story (which I will save for the watchers). Did they get back together? Have they broken up for good? Will love be enough? Is nostalgia truly just a dirty liar that, as the quote goes, "insists things were better than they seemed." These are some of the questions we throw to the universe during these stages and this theatrical production will have us ask these very questions once more.

Breakups and Breakdowns have me both laughing and reminiscing with a bittersweet perspective and a healed but aching heart.

The actors brought so much passion, wit, and realness to their characters that you empathize with them wholly. You get to absorb the struggles of each one of them and you get to put yourself in their story. The story telling and scripting was clever and smart. The music- both lyrics and melody- transcends you to this beautiful world where hearts fall in love, get broken, heal, long, and move forward.

Ateneo Blue Repertory

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