Tuesday, January 5, 2016

One fine sunny Saturday, Tricia and I craved for some good old Steak. It was a rainy day and we did not want to go that far, or dress up matter of fact. We looked around our neighborhood in Katipunan and remembered Brickfire's just around the corner (quite literally).

The wood and brick interior was very apt to the food offering, it was very cozy but not too lounge-y, just perfect for a good sit down meal. My sister ordered the Cowgirl Annie Steak, w/c is of course their specialty. She chose the Honey Mustard flavor (there were 2 others: Wasabi and Regular). I was supposed to have the same but I scanned through their menu, just because, and saw their version of Adobo- Los Indios, as they call it.

(The plate below) Los Indios (Pork) P95.00
This food was wrapped inside the leaf and was placed inside that cylindrical wooden container you see there in the picture, and then placed above it was the vinegar dressing, and then the hard boiled egg on the side. It was a fun act- separating the containers and then opening up the leaf, and even cracking the shell of the egg. There were few meat on the plate however but it was very flavorful so that made up for it. And the sauce, man the vinegar dressing was superb!  

Cowgirl Annie Steak - Honey Mustard P165.00 + 45 for bottomless Iced Tea
My sister had it cooked medium well, which is always our doneness preference. It was really good, the combination of honey and mustard was a good medley of flavor- it was on the sweeter side though. If it were me though, I would have chosen the regular classic steak. The gravy was okay, nothing special to it, but good thing the steak does need additional sauce to bring out its flavor. It is juicy and moist, so it was really good. 

There were a lot of other offering in the menu that I wanted to try but I did not want to drown the taste of the food I ate over another one so we opted to try another day instead. The prices are affordable too, really affordable considering the interior and the taste. It is definitely one of my favorite restaurants in my neighborhood. 

2/F, Xavier Residence Building, Rosa Alvero Corner Esteban Abada Street, 
Loyola Heights, Quezon City

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